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Ronit Baranga : Hollowed Ladies Pinching and Squeezing Kettle”, 2017

“There is no single recipe for making the perfect tea, as there are no rules for producing a Titian or a Sesson. Each preparation of the leaves has its individuality, its special affinity with water and heat, its own method of telling a story. The truly beautiful must always be in it. How much do we not suffer through the constant failure of society to recognise this simple and fundamental law of art and life”
Kakuzō Okakura, The Book of Tea

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caravaggista: Happy birthday to the incomparable maestro Peter…


Happy birthday to the incomparable maestro Peter Paul Rubens, born June 28, 1577! 

In order to attain the highest perfection in painting it is necessary to understand the antiques, nay, to be so thoroughly possessed of this knowledge that it may diffuse itself everywhere. … [One] cannot consider the antique statues too attentively nor study them too carefully: for we of this erroneous age are so far degenerate that we can produce nothing like them…

– Rubens, On the Imitation of Statues (translated in Martin, 1977)

Rubens’ art far surpasses that of the ancients. This, I think, is the best compliment we could bestow upon him in celebration of his life and career.

archatlas: Museum Photographs by Thomas StruthThomas Struth…


Museum Photographs by Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth is one of the most critically acclaimed contemporary photographers of our time. He is renowned for his black and white photographs of cities such as Düsseldorf and New York, as well as his family portraits. The artist who lives in Dusseldorf acquired his inspiration for his series of Museum Photographs while he was residing in Naples and Rome, where he discovered that there was a connection between paintings of art and religion and how these paintings connect audiences to their spirituality.

In his series, Struth photographed the art and the visitors viewing it, as well as the viewer observing other audiences. As such, with the many layers of observation, Struth’s intention was to assess the museum’s control of their audience and the criteria that each museum has for exhibiting pieces in the way that it does. The purpose behind the Museum Photographs was to remind people that the iconic subjects of his photographs were once just unfamiliar paintings done by ordinary individuals.

archiemcphee: The Department of Miniature Marvels just found its…


The Department of Miniature Marvels just found its newest member: artist and photographer Vatsal Kataria, who recreates locations he visits in his dreams as miniature models and then takes beautifully lit, atmospheric photos that recreate scenes from his dreams.

“I created miniature versions of the places I saw in my dreams. It took me about two months to create all of them. I saw these places in my dreams and it was a bit challenging to turn my imagination into reality but the whole process was fun and awesome.”

Visit Vatsal Kataria’s website to check out more of his marvelous miniatures.


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