Welcome to this website.
-There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My name is Nathen. Yes, I know its spelled funny(Thanks Ma). I run this site primarily to display my creative endeavors. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Fine Arts from Missouri State University, but my education has hardly stopped there. I’ve realized that perpetual learning is the driving factor in my life. As a result I’ve dedicated my time to digesting as much as I can about the processes and techniques related to the creative process. Many aspects of the creative process boil down to some fundamental elements. And being able to derive those fundamentals has allowed me to create a bridge, wherein I act as a translator between many specific types of knowledge. That knowledge has allowed me to communicate efficiently between vastly different fields of expertise. Sometimes these different fields have a hard time looking at each other for inspiration.

My goal here is to facilitate that. You’ll find a page called Random Inspirations here, that serves as a personal set of inspirations. You’ll find science-fiction, historical artifacts, exotic locations, brilliant architecture and pretty much everything in-between there. I hope you’ll find it as entertaining and informative as I have.

Additionally, you’ll find a selection of creative projects I’ve been involved with, or created on my own.  It’s a wonderful day !
Look a bird!