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Akelarre Hotel by mecanismo

Akelarre Hotel is more than forty years of identity development around Chef Pedro Subijana’s three Michelin star Akelarre Restaurant.

In this background, architecture studio mecanismo forges a meticulous project of design and construction of the Hotel. The careful selection of materials, furniture and the detailed execution distinguish specifically Akelarre Hotel; materials as a nexus between concept, form and function. The use of natural resources and materials, traditional whilst timeless; stone, wood, metal and linen, respecting their inner nature and properties in the process, but without relinquishing the advances of investigation and new technics for their manipulation and installation, characterizes the project and the studio itself. The utilization of a different material in each volumetric construction and the thereon succession of materials every time they interfere or a geometry of shape is modified, defines the concept and functioning of the project while simultaneously generates diverse ambiences and finishes, providing the hotel with an unequivocal personality on top of Mount Igueldo, at San Sebastián, Spain.

More on mecanismo’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and in the studio’s website.