Many of you are already aware…

Halloween is the best holiday of the year.  This year is no different. Traditionally we throw a huge house party with an awesome costume contest for all of our rad friends. It’s good times with great people. This year we’re upping the ante just a tad by actually renting a venue for this momentous occasion.

A core group of us headed (as always) by Tandy have organized the event and now we’re coming to you. As you can imagine renting a venue(+decorations and booze) takes a some scratch and so we’re asking for a little financial assistance. All of the dollars donated will help fund the party. The more dollars, the swankier we can get.

Oh Hey! Word on the street is the person who donate’s the most to the cause get’s a prize too. So help us throw you all a Halloween party to remember right? You can donate through PayPal or by I dunno physically giving Tandy money.